A skills portal allows candidate to create their skill profile and allow Employers/Recruiters to create their company profile to access candidates directly from anywhere. Employers/Recruiters are able to knock or contact the right people by evaluating their skill profile and can offer the job directly. Whereas a job portal allows candidates to see job posts by employers and allow jobseekers to apply for it with a CV or general profile. After application submission waiting for a call from Employers/Recruiters or waiting for a notice of short listed candidates, going through an interview of set terms & conditions is not realistic now for those who are skilled. Things have changed ……Skill is in demand! Employers/Recruiters are looking for skilled workforce. So showcase your Skills.

What is Skill Profile?

A skill profile refers to a profile that shows the most significant skills that are required and where skills gaps exist which could be easily evaluated by Employers/Recruiters. On the other hand it is a representation of the skills associated with a person, a team or with an organization. Modern employers now a days look for skills sets of a person not knowledge they acquired while they recruit or think to recruit. Instead of publishing job vacancies and receiving millions of general CVs in return they are in search of skilled workforce from a valid source or partners. General CV or general profile with educational background is now outdated which usually offered by traditional job portals. To embrace 4iR someone should have 21st century skills sets especially in the area of technological advancement to compete in the global job market. Post pandemic era is completely different and digital skills sets what we refer for job seekers.

Skill Bangladesh Initiative

SkillBangladesh.com.bd (An initiative of LCBS Dhaka) is the first Skills Portal in Bangladesh to allow jobseekers to create their Skills Profile instead of General Educational Profile to represent themselves in the 21st Century Skilled World. This portal is dedicated for the fast track Employment & Ensuring income opportunity by showcasing skills to local & global Employers/Recruiters in the global job market.

Skill Development and Talent Management is an integral part of LCBS Dhaka business model. To facilitate internship and placement requirements of not just our learners but any learner, professional , self employed from any background whether it is technical education, Vocational , General or Professional education, be it skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled, LCBS Dhaka is pleased to introduce you to our new addition SKILL BANGLADESH (www.skillbangladesh.com.bd) . This unit is staffed by placement and talent management specialists and helps place learners of all backgrounds. We are working very closely with local and international employers to understand their resource requirements to place our registered candidates with them. Further enhancement to our services will be provided through automating the recruitment and matching process via cloud-based solutions. It will enable job seekers to list their details with specific definitions of their skill sets and required positions. Corporations and other participants in the recruitment industry can then undertake highly selective searches of candidates they require for positions. This department is responsible for candidates registration, career transition process, placement and tracking after placement.

How does it work?

You need to make sure your profile is complete and all Skill sets & Experience presented in the right manner. There will be 3 Steps verification- 

  1. Email verification and you will receive an email verification batch beside your profile.
  2. Identity Verification and you will receive a second verification batch beside your profile.
  3. Screening, Consultation & Information validation verification  by Skill Bangladesh and LCBS Dhaka experts team members. There will be 3rd verification batch beside your profile.

Now you are ready with your Skill Profile to showcase yourself locally & globally. We make it easy for Employers/Recruiters by initial validation & screening process. Employers/Recruiters will access your skill profile from anywhere in the world and pick you for the right job. Skill Bangladesh will make sure you receive the right offer from the right kind of employers.


Author Since: February 17, 2022

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  • Recruitment will change in the future, employers will looking for skilled people.
    Skills need being Nicely presented here. thank you for this insights between traditional job portal and skill portal alongside future of it. thank you.

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